Gold Reflector Carbon Heat Lamp(Medium wave)

OYATE carbon infrared emitters IR feature a unique design of the heating filament that combines the efficient radiation with very short response times in the seconds range. The unique tube layout of the OYATE carbon emitters  gives them higher radiation density and improved mechanical stability. Carbon infrared emitters are also available as round tube. OYATE carbon IR emitters can be manufactured as complete IR systems.

  • Wavelength coverage: Medium wave(2.5um)
  • Color temperature: 800~1200K
  • Application case: heater

Product parameters

 We can customize the heating lamp according to your request

 Voltage wattage Length(mm)
 Min 12V 30W 120mm
 Max 450V5000W1500mm
 Quartz glass Tube diameter19mm

Overview of Lamp Applications

ApplicationLamp Solution
Plastic forming
Clear/White reflector heating 
Bottle blowingClear/White reflector heating 
Painting dryingClear/White reflector heating/Gold heating
Paper printingHigh power twin tube
Shoe made dryingGold heating
Food catering/processingJacket/Clear or special shape heating 
SemiconductorHigh power twin tube
Wet conditionWaterproof gold heating

OYATE Jacketed Heat Lamp  infrared emitters are specially designed for food warming application.
Fig.1 shows how OYATE infrared emitters efficiently generate more Infrared Heat Energy but less visible light than classical lighting emitters.

*Those are not only Low Pressure infrared emitter, but also additionally jacketed by 20mm dia. clear quartz sleeve :

*For anti-scattering protection against quartz piece by accidental break of heater inside

*To avoid chemical attacks over heater tubes to maintain good performance

*To protect the infrared emitters from unexpected thermal shock such as splashed water or foods