• Glad tidings|The company also received a number of new patents

    November is a year of testing the results, like the company's booming business, and this month it added another bastion of intellectual property to a string of new patents. We are grateful to our old and new customers for their continuous support. Patent no.: 20182082394.9 201820823935.3 201820824756.1 201820825173.0 。。。。。。。。

    2018-11-29 o-yate.net 1598

  • Carbon or halogen – which infrared heater is best?

    OYATE infrared halogen heat lamps are powerful heat sources comprising a finely coiled tungsten filament surrounded by high-purity tubularquartz glass and a kind of halogen gas-filled lamp. Halogen cycle ensures constant infrared efficiency all the lifetime with preventing the quartz glass tube from blackening. OYATE infrared halogen heat lamps match numerous kinds of industrial process with benefits of instant & contact-less heat, clean, odorless, compact, high-power, and long-life.

    2018-03-27 o-yate.net 3333

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